The Crew Welcomes You!!

I would like you guys to meet my lifeline and my motivation for this blog. The reason that i smile and naturally the number one reason why life has been such an amazing adventure. My 8 year old Riley girl- A lover of sparkly things with a huge personality and sweet spirit. My 3 year old Xan the man- Curious and passionate…funny and cool! They make mommy hood unexplainable. This brings me to my better half, My voice of reason and my bestfriend- Robbie! The best man that a woman could ask for. Through our most trying times one thing remains the same- He forever supports any and every venture with endless and unmatched unconditional love. You guys will see these 3 continuously on my blog…sharing the highlights of our journey!

With Love, The Crew


“the family is one of nature’s masterpieces”

-george santayana